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Our Team

Offering the Support that Students Need

Room 7

Room 8

Teresa Curran

Room 13

Allison Burdon.jpg

Allison Burdon


Luke Hudson.jpg

Luke Hudson 

Deputy Principal 


Samantha Sanders 

Assistant Principal


Lisa Ramcharan.jpg
Deb Neho.jpg

Deb Neho

Room 1

Dyneeka Hendry

Room 2 

Lisa Ramcharan

Room 6


Brenda Williams

Serena Tahu.jpg

Serena Tahu

Teresa Curran.jpg
Kylie Chapman.jpg
Georgina Kelly.jpg

Kylie Chapman

Room 14

Georgina Kelly

Room 15

marlene Bell.jpg

Marlene Bell


Janet Low.jpg

Janet Low

Executive Assistant

Daniel Jones.jpg

Daniel Jones 


Deb Adam.jpg

Debra Adams

Learning Coach

Vanessa Brown.jpg

Vanessa Brown

Learning Coach

Lisa C.jpg

Lisa Coote

Learning Coach

Suz Gibb.jpg

Suz Gibb

Learning Coach

Alison nicholas.jpg

Alison Nicholas

Learning Coach


Pat Johnston.jpg

Pat Johnston


Sheryl Oliver.jpg

Sheryl Oliver

Learning Coach

Irene Noedl.jpg

Irene Noedl


Rebecca Whitehead.jpg

Rebecca Whitehead

Learning Coach

Our Board

The Board of Trustees are elected/co-opted members of the community.  The Board’s role within the school is Governance. Their responsibility is to ensure that the school is run in the best interests of the students and the community.

The Board of Trustees work in partnership with the Principal and Leadership of the school to adhere to the legislative obligations set by the Ministry of Education. Some of these requirements include:

  • Ensure all students receive quality education and improve student achievement

  • Professional development for staff

  • Financial management and reporting

  • Property management

  • Policy management

  • Health and Safety

Alongside these obligations, the Board works together with the Principal and Leadership to develop the School’s Charter.

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